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  • the basics every Amazon merchant should know.
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Table of contents

  • 01

    What is Amazon PPC?

    Explanation of Amazon basics

  • 02

    Why should Amazon sellers advertise?

    Effects of Amazon PPC

  • 03

    What Amazon Ads formats exist?

    The advantages and disadvantages of Sponsored Product Ads, Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display

  • 04

    When are PPC ads displayed?

    All about displayed ads based on keywords, ASINs, categories and interests

  • 05

    What is the structure of Sponsored Product Ads?

    Automatic and manual campaigns

  • 06

    How do I start Amazon Ads?

    Optimization of products, Break-Even calculation, keyword research and definition of targets

  • 07

    How do I create a Sponsored Product Ad?

    Step by step explanation

  • 08

    How to make Amazon ads more successful?

    A glance at efficient keyword management, bid adjustments and performance values

  • 09

    Further possibilities for the optimization of Sponsored Products

    How to use dynamic bidding strategies, strategic Product Targeting and automation

Amazon PPC Guide 2024

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