About ZonGuru

ZonGuru is the most innovative eCommerce software toolset to grow Amazon Brands and Agencies. Established in 2016, their core team consists of seasoned, expert-level Amazon sellers who know from experience what information is key to making important decisions. Used globally by thousands of sellers, enterprise-level brands and specialist agencies — and home to the world’s-first AI-powered Product Listing Optimizer — ZonGuru supports 10 major Amazon marketplaces, is an Amazon-approved partner and features the #1 ranked support team in the business. (source: Trustpilot)



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Your benefits with ZonGuru

  • Maximize Your Product Listing organic potential with Industry-Leading Optimization Tools.

  • Advanced AI Capabilities Powered by OpenAI's ChatGPT-4.

  • Comprehensive Yet User-Friendly: Your All-in-One Amazon Toolkit.

  • Unbeatable Customer Support: #1 on Trustpilot

  • Operate Seamlessly Across Major Amazon Marketplaces.

  • Trusted by Leading Amazon Agencies with Over $200 Million in Sales.

  • Over 15 Tools Engineered to Skyrocket Your Amazon Sales: For Sellers, By Sellers.

  • Flexible Solutions for Individual Sellers and Enterprise Clients Alike