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BidX leverages Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) to provide exclusive insights, giving you a comprehensive understanding of your advertising impact.

Amazon ads Advanced partner

Gain comprehensive insights with the capabilities of Amazon Marketing Cloud

BidX uses AI and rules to manage campaigns precisely as clients desire, quickly identifying and eliminating budget waste, saving time on manual checks.


Acquiring and better understanding customers

  • What is the extent of customer loyalty to my brand? When do they return for repurchases?
  • What is the expense associated with acquiring a new customer on Amazon?
  • What is the Lifetime Value of every Amazon customer?
Acquiring and better understanding customers

Assign all advertising expenditure from the initial impresion to the purchase.

  • Can a blend of campaign exposure assist in acquiring a new-to-brand customer? What constitutes the optimal media mix?
  • Which Upper Funnel Ads impact users' decisions to buy from Sponsored Product or Display Campaigns?
  • Can additional platforms, like my website, enhance conversions following Ad exposure on or off Amazon?

Evaluate strategies brand building

  • Comprehend the origin and timing of branded search terms from various ADSP campaigns
  • Precisely identify the new audiences you reach and track their conversion destinations when launching Upper Funnel campaigns
  • Which Ad Units have the greatest impact in leading a new-to-brand user towards a purchase after exposure to an Upper Funnel campaign?
Evaluate strategies brand building

From data to funnels & touchpoints Maximize Your Gains from Amazon Data with Our AMC Dashboard 

Why is it simpler and more convenient than querying data directly on Amazon?

Querying Amazon demands SQL skills; with us, it's simpler. Our graphical results save you from Excel analysis. Our dashboard automates customer data extraction and analysis from Amazon and third-party providers, offering transparency on ad interactions and conversion times. View all relevant data at a glance, organized and structured.


Enhance targeting and personalization with the AMC Dashboard for increased engagement and conversions

Optimize and measure campaigns through data-driven strategies for optimal ad placement and budget allocation, delivering maximum results

Optimize creatives by understanding your target audience's behavior, enabling the creation of effective CTAs

Maximize cross-platform usage for a uniform brand presence across various platforms

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