Google Ads 

to Amazon 

with full Attribution 


About Ampd

Ampd leverages Google Ads to create a powerful new revenue stream for your Amazon business, tapping into the 9+ billion searches every day on Google.

Ampd is the only platform that fully unlocks Google’s potential for your Amazon store. It instantly provides intelligently guided paths to launch customized, self-optimizing Google Ads to your Amazon products. With cutting edge data science that optimizes for best external search results, Ampd automatically applies perfect Amazon Attribution to your campaigns for every parent and child ASIN- no more manual tags! (Further, the downstream effects of Ampd have been shown to dramatically lift company organic sales on Amazon as well)

This means your 10% Brand Referral Bonus will automatically be attributed to all sales delivered by Ampd, as well as a $500 Google Ads credit on us, it’s a win-win!

Your advantages with Taxdoo


    New revenue stream


    Brand building - Send traffic to your Amazon storefront


    10% Brand Referral Bonus


    Keyword level attribution data

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