About Capec

CapEc is a specialized financial service provider catering to the unique needs of global eCommerce sellers. By offering innovative supply chain funding solutions, CapEc enables eCommerce businesses to enhance their inventory management and boost cash flow without compromising their operational funds. This strategic support helps businesses scale by allowing them to purchase additional inventory and expand their product offerings efficiently and affordably. CapEc's financial solutions are designed to be quick and easy to access, ensuring that eCommerce businesses can respond rapidly to market demands and growth opportunities. By partnering with CapEc, eCommerce sellers can unlock their business potential, maximize sales, and drive substantial growth, all while maintaining financial stability.



  • Increase cash flow up to 75%

  • No impact on credit

  • Repay only when product starts selling

  • Inspection services of supplier & post-production

  • All supply chain payments carried out on time

  • Ad-hoc service proposals from pre-approved supply chain providers

  • A trusted partner devoted to success