About Carbon6

Carbon6 is a platform designed to help sellers master growth, operations, and profitability. Combining cutting-edge tools and a vibrant community of e-commerce experts, Carbon6 is committed to helping sellers simplify and scale their success. Carbon6's largest business unit is recovery, including 3p reimbursements (missing inbound shipments, lost/damaged, customer returns, etc) and 1p fee recovery (shortages, chargebacks, accruals etc).



Advantages with Carbon6


    Our tools improve profit margins by over 20% for sellers, agencies, and aggregators.


    Intelligent automation. Insights backed by experts. Software designed to help you go further, faster. From core business operations to profitability and growth, we have you covered.


    Improve your organic rank with keyword suggestions, accurate retargeting, and tools designed to work with Amazon attribution and bonus referral.


    Reclaim lost profits from Amazon, identify and prevent lost capital, and manage margins better to become more profitable on both 1P and 3P.


    Avoid overstock and stockout with inventory management tools designed to protect profitability and fight back against Amazon fees.

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