We boost your 

Amazon Europe sales

 by providing our Amazon account, tools, and  

supply chain infrastructure.




SPACEGOATS sells products from manufacturers and brand owners with the pan-European shipping network (PAN-EU). For this purpose, SPACEGOATS uses its own Amazon account and grants the seller access to all relevant product data and information from Seller Central using its own software (Galaxy). Since the Seller uses the Amazon account of SPACEGOATS and SPACEGOATS is tax registered in all relevant European countries, the Seller does not need a foreign VAT number anymore. Therefore, the individual Seller can get started much faster without having to wait for tax numbers or opening their own Amazon account. As a SPACEGOATS customer, one can benefit from the infrastructure of a large company and become a global Amazon seller. In addition, SPACEGOATS is a member of Amazon's 360 program and benefits from premium support in Seller Central. Thanks to the automation of operational processes, Seller resources are used more efficiently.

Every business needs a control center. Galaxy allows sellers to keep control of all important information regarding their products. Here sellers can find information about their turnover, sales figures, create business reports and manage their advertising spend on Amazon. Furthermore, Galaxy offers the possibility to create delivery schedules, manage products and set delivery dates.






    All Marketplaces

    Sell on as many European Amazon marketplaces as you like (Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Poland, Sweden and the UK).


    PPC Automation

    Use the Bid-X algorithm that automates your PPC. We’re there to assist you whenever you need it.


    Proactive Service Level

    Our Customer Success Team will take care of your needs. Strategic alignment, recommendations and many other services will help you achieve the best results.


    EPR Extended Product Responsibility

    Amazon regularly sets new requirements for product compliance. We take care of the packaging registration (outside Germany) and WEEE for you. Save a lot of money and time with our system.


    Amazon 360 Indirect Access

    As we are part of the Amazon 360 (Amazon Premium Program), you benefit too. You get access to exclusive beta programmes, premium support and troubleshooting for complex problems. You are not alone when you join SPACEGOATS. The normal price for this programme alone is between 2000€ and 5000€.


    Shipment Automation Just in time shipment automation

    Give us your pre-FBA inventory information and your 3PL’s contact details, and we’ll take care of it from here. You can also use our 3PL partner, which makes the process even smoother. You will also be notified if you need to reorder from your supplier.


    EU Representative

    SPACEGOATS offers to act as your EU representative for your merchandise and as the first point of contact for the Market Surveillance Authority.


    Responsible Persons Address

    SPACEGOATS offers you to be the distributor of your goods in the EU and to act as the responsible person.


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