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Product Sourcing


About Zignify

Zignify Global Product Sourcing is a company that specializes in assisting clients, from small-scale sellers to multinational corporations in global product sourcing; they also perform Quality Control and take care of logistics and shipping. Zignify's core mission is to decrease purchasing costs, increase margins, optimize supply chain or build supply chain from scratch. With a growing team of 50+ all-female sourcing specialists located around the world, they operate in 20+ languages and have successfully sourced more than 3000 products from various categories in China and outside of China, getting their clients to save on import duties, stay competitive, optimize product costs, and eliminate potential sourcing risks while delivering top-notch products.


Your advantages with Zignify


    Supports 20+ languages


    Saved our customers over $300M


    19+ years experience


    Serving 40+ countries

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