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Access the powerful platform to automate ads on your own. 295 + 3% of connected ad spend per month
  • All-in one advertising platform
  • 1 monthly strategy call
  • Handled platform operations
  • Additional assistance per month
  • Consulting on all ad topics
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An expert handles set up and automations for you. 1,500 + 3% of connected ad spend per month
  • All-in one advertising platform
  • Up to 2 monthly strategy calls
  • Handled platform operations
  • Up to 10h assistance per month
  • Consulting on all ad topics
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A team handles research, strategy & operations for you. 3,500 + 3% of connected ad spend per month
  • All-in one advertising platform
  • Up to 4 monthly strategy calls
  • Handled platform operations
  • Up to 24h assistance per month
  • Consulting on all ad topics
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Create New Campaigns

Benefit from a complete, new campaign structure built with a uniform syntax for all never before advertised products, including keyword suggestions. Through this process, bids can be placed in such a way to achieve the desired target ACOS

from 2,995


Get your campaigns in order. We create a complete, new campaign structure with a uniform syntax for all your already-advertised products, based on all current keywords from the respective ASINs.

from 2,995

One-Time Optimization

We’ll optimize your existing campaigns once using our platform, giving you advice for future adjustments and analyzing the performance of the specified campaigns in a follow-up appointment.

Keyword Research

Want to create a new advertisement for a product but don't have the time for professional keyword research? We’ll take care of this for you so that your advertisements are displayed for all promising search terms. Note that Keyword Check can also be booked for existing ads.

495 per ASIN

Sponsored Brands (SB) and Sponsored Display Ads (SDA) Creation

We create complete campaigns for Sponsored Brands (SB) and Sponsored Display Ads (SDA) for you. This includes the strategic selection of products and keywords, the evaluation of suitable up- and cross-selling products, research of relevant search queries and the setup of corresponding campaigns.

14 per SB/SDA

Customized Functions

Do you need support or a special function for a planned action or strategy in Amazon Ads that you would like to implement? Do not hesitate to contact us! We have experience implementing additional functions for individual customer requests.

Consulting & Workshops

From Sponsored Product Ads (SPA) and Sponsored Brands (SB) to Sponsored Display Ads (SDA), Amazon offers many different advertising possibilities for retailers. We offer individualized workshops so that you and your employees are informed about topics relevant to your company, allowing you to stay up-to-date. These will be prepared according to your wishes and can take place at our or client offices.

Managed Service

For access to the DSP and management of your campaigns, we charge a management fee of 15% of the monthly adspend.

We recommend a media budget of at least 5,000.

As an agency, you will receive an individual offer on request.

With Amazon programmatic advertising, you can reach your target audience both on and off Amazon. Utilize display and video ads to showcase your products to millions of customers.

  • Reach exclusive audiences both on and off Amazon
  • Target customers at every stage of the buying process
  • Get to know your customers even better and also benefit from the data gained for your PPC ads
  • Use retargeting specifically for cross- and upselling

Features overview

Information about our basic functionalities can be found in the video below. For more detailed descriptions of individual features, click on the corresponding icons below.

Automated Suggestions

Identifying the most relevant keywords for triggering your ads is the basis of any successful campaign. Our platform allows the selection and retrieval of all of the automatically generated keywords suggested by Amazon which are deemed most appropriate for your products.

1-Click Campaign Creation

Creating campaigns for your ads is quick and easy. Basic settings such as campaign structure, match types to be used, budgets, bids and syntax can be made using our "1-Click Setup". These settings can then be saved and loaded as presets assignable to several products, both during the creation of campaigns and any subsequent edits. As such, expect a major advantage over the Amazon Seller Central and Advertising Console, where each campaign must be individually recreated and modified.

Keyword Management

The core of our software is automation. With automated smart keyword management, both profitable and unprofitable keywords can be identified and responded to with ease. Well-performing search terms from automatically-generated campaigns can be transferred to manual ad groups where they can be individually controlled, whilst unprofitable search terms are automatically stored as ‘negative keywords’.

Bid Adjustments

The aim of giving you individual control over keywords is to reduce or increase your bids. Keywords that trigger the playout of your ad, and thus many orders, should receive higher bids. Keywords that trigger many clicks but no orders, lower bids. Our automated system guarantees the automatic adjustment of bids, based on a performance analysis of search terms and keywords, as well as your specified target ACOS for the campaign.

Individual Rules

In addition to automated bid adjustments, you can also trigger bid optimizations by creating your own rule sets. Simply create individual rules that are executed automatically. These follow the IF THEN approach and can be expanded at will.

Sponsored Brands Bid Adjustments

Automated bid adjustments are carried out not only for Sponsored Products but also for Sponsored Brands.

Currency Converter

Our currency converter automatically converts USD to EUR, so you only ever see one currency in the dashboard, even when selling on several marketplaces.

Rule Logs

All bid and structural adjustments (such as transferred keywords) are listed in the rule logs. Unlike Amazon’s default offering, BidX allows you to track all changes, even those older than 60 days.

Undo Rule
With the “undo” function, it is possible to reverse any changes made by the team, including changes to both bid and structural adjustments.

Data Exporter

Rule Logs
Export the change history in the rule logs so that all adjustments are also available offline.

Get your set rules summarized as a CSV file.

Performance Data
Through exporting performance data, get all the key figures on your campaigns in a single CSV file.

Advertising Reports

An especially popular function amongst our advertising agency clients, our customer-specific advertising reports are presented with your logo, font and corporate colours. Present the most important figures from your campaigns to clients instantly as a formatted PDF, including key data such as the keywords generating the most orders and boosting your ACOS.

Multi-User Accounts

With only one BidX account, you can easily connect and manage multiple Amazon accounts. Switching to another account is quick and easy.

MWS Interface

The MWS interface is an interface for Seller, through which you can also access not yet advertised products in your BidX account. Product management also comes to life with product images and full Amazon titles.


Product Management
Have your advertised products displayed by filtered criteria, including by marketplace or a set target ACOS.

Filter your campaigns according to the data you need, such as sales and clicks, in the “Discover” section.

You also have the option to use a filter for your applied rules.


With the new feature “Tag” it is possible to mark products with so-called “tags” and thus bundle them according to a criterion of your choice, such as different models, product types, margin. With a few clicks you can create a complete campaign structure for product variations with the same tag.


With our “Focus” feature, several campaigns of the same match type can be created for one product and keywords can be grouped to pursue individual strategies. This way, focuses can be created for your own brand keywords or particularly well performing keywords. This allows you to see the performance of these keyword groups at a glance and control them easier.


With the feature Total ACOS (TACOS) we have released a new KPI to measure the overall success of your advertising. TACOS generally describes the ratio of advertising costs to total sales, which are made up of advertising sales and organic sales. So the TACOS is a much better way to evaluate the success of your advertising activities than the ACOS, because in most cases advertising also has a positive effect on organic sales. The key performance indicator TACOS is accessible to every BidX customer who acts as a seller.

Campaigns and ad groups can be optimized with an automation to achieve the Total ACOS target value. With Total ACOS automation, organic sales are then included in the optimization. Furthermore Total ACOS can be added in rules as a requirement. This way, at the target level (keywords, ASINs...), for example, the bid can be lowered if the corresponding target exceeds a selected Total ACOS.

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