Through BidX, A-Force can pass on 

operational efficiency gains directly to its customers 

and thus devote itself more intensively to strategic development. 


“The biggest added value of BidX for us is the enormous time savings, simplified monitoring, and high transparency for our customers.“

Rick Heitmann
CEO & Co-Founder of A-Force
+18% better ROAS
+20 times Increased reach
+3-5% Increase in conversion rate

Background A-Force

A-Force has been successfully supporting merchants on Amazon as an Amazon agency for six years. Their core competence lies in the strategic development of customer performance and the resulting optimization of reach and improvement of conversion. The basis for this is their expertise in advertising measures such as AMS and DSP. In addition to consulting services, they also offer operational support, data analysis and training measures.

The starting position

At the time of its founding in 2018, A-Force quickly recognized that a suitable software is essential for PPC management. Manual control of ads reaches its limits, especially when it comes to determining statistical significance and adjusting keywords and bids in real time. In addition, the manpower required to manage all customers manually is enormous.

"A tool simplifies campaign management, increases efficiency, and saves valuable time and resources."

When selecting a suitable PPC software, it was particularly important to A-Force that it works in an automated and rule-based manner, but still allows manual intervention in order to maintain control at all times.

In 2020, A-Force also decided to use the Amazon Demand Side Platform (DSP). The DSP is particularly suitable for collecting data to analyze customers' search and purchase behavior and to optimize the customer journey.

"DSP advertising is fundamental for us, especially in terms of supporting full-funnel strategies and effective retargeting."

The solution

In BidX, A-Force has found a partner that meets all their requirements. BidX enables A-Force to preserve maximum control over their clients' campaigns and still ensure enormous efficiency benefits with the same quality through rules and automations. Also, the transparency BidX offers to track all processes is extremely important for A-Force.

"For us, the greatest added value of BidX is the meaningful extension of our services with a bidding tool that enables maximum control in addition to efficiency-enhancing functions."

A-Force particularly likes the possibility to create customized dashboards, the individual rules and the boost function in the BidX platform. They also appreciate the possibility of using dayparting in the BidX platform easily, as this would alternatively only be possible with a high level of manual effort. The regular exchange with BidX, which shows a high level of commitment and expertise, rounds off BidX's service for A-Force.

"The partnership with BidX is characterized by high loyalty, goal-oriented work as well as excellent results."

The decision to choose BidX as DSP partner as well was made quickly. Since BidX had already been a reliable partner for many years, A-Force also counts on BidX for the control of their DSP advertising campaigns.

The results

Through BidX, A-Force can provide better quality to their customers and achieve their targets much faster and more efficiently. This in turn allows them to focus more of their attention on their own strategic goals for the company.

"BidX allows us to pass on operational efficiency gains directly to our customers, allowing us to devote more time to our strategic development."

When it comes to campaign management, A-Force saves a lot of time and works much more efficiently. They have also seen an average 3-5 percentage point increase in Paid Conversion Rate.

There are also many benefits for A-Force through the use of DSP. They can make retargeting even more effective through DSP, resulting in an average ROAS improvement of 18%. They are also able to increase brand awareness and usually achieve 20 times the reach in the relevant target audience. The performance data also shows a significantly more efficient visibility; i.e. the sales resulting from the impression share could be increased significantly.

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