Advertising via 

the DSP and collaborating 

with BidX enables Alloi-Brand’s success in new markets. 


“With the help of BidX and the Amazon DSP, brand builder Alloi-Brands increased its brand awareness in the U.S. and grew impressions by 715%.“

Christian Daum
CEO Alloi-Brands GmbH
+715% Impressions
+403% Clicks
+72% Total Sales in the USA


The little things make the difference - Alloi-Brands is a brand builder specializing in direct-to-customer brands. The company develops its brands 100% in-house, from the initial idea to an internationally successful business. The company uses its industry knowledge and expertise to meet the needs and desires of its customers, setting itself apart from standard products and the competition. The company now distributes its products to over 50 countries worldwide through its own subsidiaries. In addition to its own online store, the company has been selling its products on Amazon for several years. It quickly became evident to the company that Amazon represented an extremely promising market in terms of international growth, especially in the USA.

The starting position

The company only recently started advertising via the DSP. However, it became apparent within the first few weeks that DSP advertising is a good way to acquire new customers and, above all, to create brand awareness. So especially to enter new markets, the DSP is a powerful tool. With the help of Amazon DSP and a much more granular targeting than with PPC ads, the company can reach precisely the target groups that should actually be addressed.

"The opportunity to target existing customers as well as competitor visitors with our advertising on and off Amazon excited us from the first second.“

In addition to the target-oriented approach, BidX was especially able to impress with its distinct country focus as well as the individual customer approach along the entire customer journey. The quick implementation of adjustments was also an important point for the brand builder to choose BidX as a partner for their DSP advertising.

The solution

The company uses BidX especially to gain maximum visibility for its brands. Cost efficiency, expanding reach and revenue growth have always been the overriding goals.

"We are glad to have such a reliable partner on our side with BidX and appreciate the close cooperation"

The results

Advertising via DSP has become an important part of the industry leader's Amazon marketing, contributing significantly to their success in the US. With the help of DSP advertising, additional traffic has been generated, new target groups in the USA have been developed and sales have increased significantly.

"The ability to target new audiences through display advertising helps us sell our products much faster."

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