With the help of BidX, ICONIC SALES 

can manage advertising in a better, 

more granular and thus more efficient way. 


“BidX takes all our suggestions and wishes and implements them as soon as possible.“

Tatjana Mack und Oliver Hahn
Head of Advertising – PPC & Social / Head of Advertising – PPC & Display


ICONIC SALES is a full service agency that positions, manages and develops brands on Amazon. Their holistic range of services includes the management of the complete account including business development, strategic planning, advertising campaigns, pricing strategy, internationalization, brand protection and more. The special feature of ICONIC SALES is the overall approach: Advertising , Account management & content creation (texts, product images, A+ content, product videos, brand store) completely 100% in-house by experienced professionals.

Their goal is to achieve increasing sales, sustainable developments and brand awareness for their customers.

The starting position

In 2018, ICONIC SALES decided to use a PPC software for advertising. The growing number of customers and the dynamic developments of Amazon Advertising required a scalable infrastructure & solution for the upcoming challenges.

ICONIC's demand to guarantee customer-oriented and high-quality advertising could only be guaranteed with a partner who can optimally implement their multitude of requirements. Particularly important for the company was a reliable automation that supports them AI-driven in the fundamental control of the campaigns. In addition to automation, however, it should also be possible to incorporate the company's own know-how and accumulated experience in order to achieve the desired results. The most important requirement for ICONIC was therefore the ability to incorporate individual functions and features.

The solution

In BidX, ICONIC SALES has found a partner that meets all their requirements. ICONIC especially appreciates the close exchange with BidX and the commitment to take up and implement all suggestions and proposals. During the joint partnership, several functions that were of high importance to ICONIC have already been integrated into the tool by BidX.

“The partnership at eye level has been the decisive factor for us to switch to BidX. Our suggestions and wishes are implemented as quickly as possible.”

ICONIC SALES uses both the automation in the tool and individual rule sets. The automation serves as a stable foundation on which the individual rule sets can be built in order to control the campaigns according to the customer's goals. The focus is therefore on the rule sets, which can be set up individually with the help of collected data and empirical values.

Another factor that was decisive for ICONIC to switch to BidX is BidX's commitment to continually expand and optimize their tool.

“BidX reacts very quickly to changes in Amazon Advertising and optimizes the tool accordingly.”

The results

By using the BidX software, the advertising team of ICONIC SALES was able to work more efficiently. The quality of ad management and campaign monitoring has also been improved through the use of BidX.

“BidX has helped us to manage advertising in a better, more granular and therefore more efficient way.”

BidX has already developed several individual functions for ICONIC SALES and is currently working on a function to integrate Share of Voice. The close cooperation as well as the increase in efficiency make this partnership a great asset.

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