saves 95% of their time 

for manual bid adjustments with BidX. 


"We were able to use the saved time for a more detailed campaign structure, which in turn was rewarded with more sales and a lower ACOS."

Markus Pfister
Head of Ecommerce
+35.8% Paid Sales Increase
-16.9% ACOS Reduction
95% Time Saving

Background Lotuscrafts

The company Lotuscrafts is specialized in the production and distribution of high quality and ecological products around yoga and meditation.

Besides the online store, the company has been selling its products on Amazon since 2011. The company wanted to use Amazon's reach to reach new customers and grow faster. Lotuscrafts is currently represented on the Amazon marketplaces in Germany, France, UK, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, USA and Canada.

The importance of advertising for growth was quickly recognized, so Lotuscrafts has been running Amazon ads since 2012. Little in focus at that time, advertising became one of the most important aspects of selling on Amazon with increasing competition from year to year. Meanwhile the company achieves six-digit advertising revenues per month on the German and Spanish marketplace.

The difficulty

Due to the increase in advertising activities, the management of advertising has taken up more and more time. At some point, Lotuscrafts was no longer able to efficiently manage the advertisements "manually" on all marketplaces.

"For resource reasons it was no longer possible to control the advertising manually."

A solution had to be found to manage the advertising in a resource-saving way and still ensure continued sales growth.

The solution

So Lotuscrafts decided to automate the management of their advertising with one tool. After a provider research the decision was made in May 2018 to use BidX. Reasons were among others the usability and the many setting options offered by BidX. Lotuscrafts was also looking for a central tool to control PPC campaigns from all Amazon marketplaces simultaneously.

"We cannot imagine Amazon Advertising without BidX anymore."

Lotuscrafts uses BidX to optimize bids for well and bad performing keywords. With a mix of self-created rules and full automation through the algorithm, they can control bids optimally and "in one go". The campaigns are nevertheless regularly monitored in order to be able to react manually in case of changes and where necessary, even at short notice. This flexibility was particularly important to Lotuscrafts when choosing a tool.

The results

Since it is no longer necessary to look at each keyword and its performance individually and react accordingly, Lotuscrafts saves about 95% of their time for the optimization of their Amazon advertising. The company was able to use the saved time to build its campaign structure in a more detailed, comprehensive and targeted manner.

"The time for manual optimization has been reduced by about 95% thanks to BidX."

Although this was time-consuming, it was again rewarded with more sales and a low ACOS. At the end of 2019, for example, advertising revenues on the German marketplace increased by 35.8% while the ACOS was reduced by 16.9% compared to the same period of the previous year. The development on the other marketplaces is similar.

Development of advertising sales and ACOS of Lotuscrafts May - November 2018
Development of advertising sales and ACOS of Lotuscrafts May - November 2018 (extract BidX Software)

The positive sales and ACOS development since the start of BidX usage in mid-2018 can be seen on the screenshot.

"BidX helps us to get the maximum potential out of Amazon Advertising as efficiently as possible."

Lotuscrafts is a good example of the importance of efficiency in the management of advertising on Amazon. By automating time-consuming but necessary activities such as bid adjustments, the saved resources can be put to profitable use elsewhere.

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