Due to the 

customized solutions, 

BidX has become a central tool in the daily work of Moin Marketing. 


"BidX is the ideal software partner for our very individual advertising strategies and is a key factor for our success with its innovative features."

Ken Niederstadt

Background Moin Marketing

As an Amazon Ads agency, Moin Marketing is 100% dedicated to maximizing and optimizing the advertising performance of sellers and brands on Amazon. From strategic consulting to operational implementation, Moin Marketing is the reliable sparring partner for all international Amazon marketplaces.

The difficulty

Depending on the advertising strategy, it is not unusual for the Moin Marketing GmbH to set up a large number of advertising campaigns with different strategic orientations for different products or product groups. This complex procedure offers an excellent basis for analyzes and is thus the optimal fundament for further scaling steps. As the campaign set-up for Amazon PPC advertising becomes more extensive and professional, the associated maintenance and optimization effort usually increases. It would be impossible to handle this effort manually. The use of BidX as a supporting software in the field of professional bid & keyword management has therefore become indispensable for Moin Marketing in order to be able to map the granularity of the campaign set-up at all and to bring the advertising campaigns of their customers to the next level.

The solution

To enable the maximum control of such an extensive set-up, an individual script was developed together. In combination with the tag and focus function, further optimization and control mechanisms have been established for Moin Marketing, such as the differentiation of performance campaigns or brand protection. Thanks to these many individual customization options within the BidX software, maximum control of the advertising success can be guaranteed. As a result, this is reflected in the sales figures of the customers.

"Customized solutions that BidX creates for us enable us to achieve optimal results for our customers."

Also, the individual rules for controlling bids are a very popular feature in the Moin Marketing team. The use of the rule function is particularly suitable for product launches or far-reaching strategy changes. Moin Marketing especially appreciates the professional and in-depth exchange regarding Amazon Ads. BidX is very open and gladly takes suggestions for new features and optimization proposals in order to continuously expand the functional range of the software. This is very important for Moin Marketing as an agency.

The results

With the constant further development, the available features and the mutually created individual solutions, BidX has become an important tool in the daily work of Moin Marketing. Especially the latest is mainly responsible for the success and the practicability of the advertising strategies Moin Marketing has implemented in practice.

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