How PICARD was able to 

significantly increase

 its reach and sales with the support of  




„With BidX, we have a powerful automation platform at our side that not only increases our efficiency, but also takes our campaign optimization to a new level. A real asset for our team!“

Enes Smajlovich
E-Commerce Manager at PICARD

Background PICARD

Founded in 1928, PICARD is a family business that has been living the tradition of craftsmanship and fashion for over ninety years. The heart of the company is the production of fashionable and practical leather goods such as bags of all kinds, backpacks and spectacle cases. For PICARD, maintaining traditions, adhering to values and a passion for leather goods are what counts most. Sustainability, traditional craftsmanship and social responsibility are at the heart of their work.

The starting position

As a traditional family business with a long history, PICARD only started selling on Amazon in recent years. The company has been advertising on Amazon since 2023. PICARD has recognized the immense importance of Amazon Advertising and how essential the continuous optimization of advertisements is.

"By using Amazon Ads, we have expanded our reach enormously and significantly increased our sales. Amazon Ads is an indispensable tool for us to successfully present our products and reach customers."

PICARD decided to use a platform primarily because of the high effort and expense involved, as managing the campaigns took up too much time. The main challenges when selling on Amazon were the wide range of products and the limited sales history.

For these reasons, a quick and more effective solution was sought, which ultimately led to BidX.

The solution

PICARD was particularly impressed by the automated bid adjustments and keyword management in the BidX platform, which help to save time and money. PICARD also uses the BidX managed service. This enables the collaboration to be completely customized. In addition to managing the account and providing advice, BidX can also provide support with strategic issues. For PICARD, the managed service is essential for their success, as they always have a competent expert at their side.

Due to PICARD's broad product range, automations with target ACOS are placed with dynamic intensity depending on the product line. As PICARD's products tend to be high-priced due to their high quality, SPA category campaigns were also set up with a defined price range per product.

Sponsored Product and Sponsored Brand "Attack & Brand" campaigns were also set up to complete the campaign structure.

In order to be able to keep an eye on all important KPIs at all times, various dashboards were created for each advertising type, which also enables a differentiated evaluation.

The results

By using the BidX platform, significantly more campaigns can be created in less time. The clear rule logs allow all adjustments made to be tracked, making campaign monitoring much more efficient and transparent. Thanks to the extensive functions of BidX, PICARD can focus its time on strategic tasks, while BidX takes over the time-consuming, recurring processes.

"With BidX, we have a powerful automation platform at our side that not only increases our efficiency, but also takes our campaign optimization to a new level. A real asset for our team!"

Sales almost doubled with the help of BidX, with only a marginal increase in ACOS. Impressions even almost quadrupled. The average CPC was reduced by 20%. Thanks to BidX's managed services, PICARD has also seen a significant increase in orders since November.

"BidX makes our day-to-day work easier and helps us to save time and money through automation."

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