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About Payoneer

Payoneer’s Global Payment Services specialises in helping eCommerce businesses to send and receive international payments more cost-effectively; setting up localised bank accounts for clients to receive from Amazon for free.

In addition, Payoneer offers Capital Advance – allowing sellers to receive a cash payment equal to 100% of their monthly turnover and repay over 3.5 - 6 months.



    Better fees on currency conversion

    Payoneer helps you to receive funds for free from Amazon in 12 currencies and to make payments to suppliers globally in over 200 countries. It converts currencies at market-leading rates and every customer receives a Mastercard and an account manager.


    Access to working capital

    Using Payoneer you can receive 100% of your monthly store turnover, charged at industry-low 3.5%. All cash payments can be repaid as % of sales over 3.5 - 6 month period and there are no credit checks, guarantees, or interests needed.

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