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About Lizenzero

Lizenzero is the online shop of the German dual system Interseroh+. As an established dual system with over 30 years of expertise, Interseroh+ thinks circular economy new and further – from recycling plastics to packaging optimization. Achieving higher recycling rates and efficient circular economy in the future requires cooperation that begins with fulfilling your product responsibility under the German Packaging Act. The license fees flow into the disposal and recycling process, which is organized by us as a dual system. In the end, important resources are conserved and harmful greenhouse gases are saved! Do you put sales packaging (product + shipping packaging) into circulation? These ultimately end up with a private end consumer in Germany? Then you are affected by the German Packaging Act! Lizenzero brings light into the dark: As experts, we educate you about your obligations, keep you up to date with news and, most importantly, provide you with simple, fast online licensing of your packaging.


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