Our history

  1. 2016


    Co-Founder Max Hofmann had been a seller on Amazon himself since 2015 with seven-figure sales and took care of the ads on his own. He was fed up with the time-consuming work of manually optimizing bids for ad campaigns on Amazon. There had to be a way to automate the repetitive tasks with a tool - but not a chance!

    Worldwide, there was no provider that had addressed this challenge. Existing tool providers only focused on analyzing the campaigns or made suggestions for optimization - but none of the available tools implemented changes automatically. The idea for BidX was born.

  2. 2017


    Together with Nadine Schöpper and Dominik Thüsing, Max Hofmann turned the idea of BidX into reality. The three fellow students - at that time still studying automation technology and computer science - developed the world's first software for automated PPC management on Amazon. Medium-sized and larger retailers showed great interest in the idea and first tests with Excel VBA from the beginning. The next version was already a web application with manual upload and download of bulk files. BidX was one of the first companies to connect to the Amazon Advertising API in beta at the end of 2017, enabling fully automated data exchange between the software and Amazon. The tool was now working rule-based.

  3. 2018


    BidX GmbH was officially founded and the first office was rented in the TIZ in Darmstadt. The founders hired the first employees and further developed the software. What was originally a rules-only tool has become a self-learning system that recognizes which adjustments need to be made to make PPC campaigns more successful. Automated keyword and bid management was also integrated into the tool.

  4. 2019


    The BidX platform now sets the standards for optimizing advertisements and offers excellent usability in addition to continuous further development of the algorithm. The managed service fulfilled the clients' desire for a more in-depth consultation regarding the advertising strategy. Thus, BidX can proudly be called the software with the largest range of functions in the field of PPC automation for Amazon Advertising. Also, the introduction of the 1-Click setup simplified sellers' and vendors' lives and saved valuable time.

    Meanwhile, co-founders Max Hofmann and Nadine Schöpper are established experts in the field of Amazon advertising and are regularly booked as speakers for Amazon conferences and talks from the industry.

  5. 2020


    In 2020, BidX began offering advertising through the DSP. This gives merchants the opportunity to reach potential customers outside of Amazon and thus expand their target audience.

  6. 2021


    At the beginning of the year, the team moved into a new building, which offers space for a total of 50 employees. In 2021, many new features were also developed to make the BidX platform even more user-friendly. These include the custom dashboard, which advertisers can adapt to their needs. The Scheduling feature was implemented at the end of 2021 and makes it possible to present ads exactly at the times when customers really buy.

    Another special milestone was the founding of the American subsidiary BidX Inc. based in New York.

  7. 2022


    Today, BidX manages $250 million in annual advertising spend from more than 2,000 merchants in 42 countries. The team has now grown to more than 40 employees working from all over the world.

    Expansion into the U.S. is also picking up steam. At the beginning of the year, co-founders Max Hofmann and Nadine Schöpper flew to the U.S. for three months for the opening of an International Office in New York.

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About BidX

We offer a software solution for merchants on Amazon to automate and optimize PPC advertisements. The sellers and vendors use their advertising budgets more efficiently, increases profits and are relieved of a considerable amount of time. Relative advertising costs are reduced by up to 32% in the first 8 weeks alone. Numerous international merchants and agencies from 42 countries are relying on our solution.

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