With the help of BidX, 

PRESCH can optimally achieve their goals 

and significantly increase their profitability. 


“Our expectations of BidX were met in full and we were able to achieve a measurable increase in profitability.“

Marie Plewka
Performance Marketing Managerin at PRESCH

Background PRESCH

PRESCH was founded in 2017 and has been a provider of innovative tools ever since. Their mission is to offer tools with outstanding functionality, impressive ergonomics, first-class design and a unique price-performance ratio. The company has been selling its products on Amazon since it was founded and has invested heavily in building its brand on Amazon from the outset in order to offer customers a holistic tool shopping experience.

The starting position

When PRESCH was founded, it was already clear that Amazon would become an important mainstay for the company. The company recognized early on that it was crucial to place advertisements on Amazon in order to remain competitive. The advertising revenue of PRESCH constitutes more than half of the total revenue, which illustrates the immense importance of advertising on Amazon. The continuous introduction of new advertising formats and spaces on the platform further underlines this.

Initially, PRESCH worked with an agency to manage its ads and also carried out manual optimizations. However, with more and more SKUs on six different marketplaces, it became clear that manual optimization was no longer feasible. The amount of data that needed to be processed in order to make valid decisions about adjustments was the main reason for the decision to use automation software with a data-driven algorithm.

The solution

PRESCH chose BidX primarily because of the outstanding customizability and hybrid approach of the BidX platform.

“With BidX, we can achieve our goals optimally, as we can create individual rules in addition to the automation."

It is particularly important for PRESCH to ensure the profitability of the advertisements by optimizing the advertising strategy and the bid management using BidX.

Another convincing aspect was BidX's cross-advertising format keyword management and the data-driven and performance-oriented control of bids at individual target level.

PRESCH has also conducted a restructuring with BidX to maximize the efficiency of its advertising campaigns and achieve a more granular structure. This granular campaign structure (one campaign per SKU and per targeting option) allows for optimal analysis. This allows PRESCH to see at a glance which products, advertising strategies and orientations work well or perform less well.

“With the new advertising structure, it was particularly important to us to cover every possibility of advertising on Amazon and at the same time to enable profitable targeting.”

The results

The use of BidX has significantly increased the profitability of advertising. TACOS was already reduced by 25% in the first 6 months of the collaboration. This increase in effectiveness also boosted profits.

The click-through rate (CTR) has also improved, which suggests that the ads were displayed to more relevant target groups thanks to the optimization of BidX.

“Our expectations of BidX were met in full and we were able to achieve a measurable increase in profitability.“

PRESCH also appreciates the extensive support provided by BidX, as well as the assistance of their account manager. In addition, the time savings and valuable resources that PRESCH saves allow it to focus more on strategic issues.

“It is noticeable how much BidX is evolving to provide better service and performance to better support advertisers on Amazon.“

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