Can your keyword research keep up with AI?

Finding the right keywords for your products has always been a challenge.
But can AI help you work faster and more efficiently?
The simple answer: yes! In this article, you'll learn how to use new technologies to your advantage.

AI Suggestions

With our latest feature you're able to get keywords suggested by our AI. You can get keyword suggestions by creating an ad campaign with the BidX Tool or by adding more keywords to your existing campaign, just select Add Keyword. Here you now have the option to use one of 3 options, among them is the AI Suggestions tab. You can select this and within seconds a list of keywords for your desired product will be created. From these you can now select the keywords that you want to apply to your product. It is also possible to apply the whole list at once.  The suggested keywords are mostly of higher quality, compared to the ones generated by Amazon, you can use these to stand out from the competition. This new feature in the BidX Tool allows you to add keywords that are still unknown to your competitors without any effort of your own!

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Own research

In addition to the AI suggestions, you still have the option to add keywords manually, of course. Here you can draw on your own knowledge and wealth of ideas. Extensive Amazon keyword research is the basic prerequisite for good indexing and high sales figures. The effort that should be spent on keyword research depends on your product portfolio. Generally, it is better to invest a little more time in the research of Amazon keywords than a little less. Because of exactly this high effort, which is necessary to equip your products with the right keywords, we have developed our AI feature.

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Amazon suggestions

In addition to the AI suggestions and your own research, you also have the option in the BidX tool to add keywords suggested by Amazon. However, these are often of poorer quality compared to your own keyword research. It is best to use the suggestions from Amazon as a kind of bonus that you receive in addition to the actual keyword research.

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If you want to create your campaign without much effort, you have the possibility to let the experts of the BidX team do the complete keyword research for you and adjust it continuously. This way you can gain new customers with your advertising without having to deal with it extensively yourself.

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