Amazon SEO - Make your products visible

Whether last minute on Christmas, Valentine's Day or the first of the month: If we voluntarily or necessarily make ourselves comfortable for online shopping, then for most of us Amazon has clearly become the marketplace to which we turn first. We are happy to be drawn deep into the maelstrom of the selection of belts, razors and even new sheets on offer. Unlike a Google search, where we find articles on shingles as well as belts, Amazon SEO offers its users only 16 organic results per page, all of which are in line with our ideal of a belt. Most Online-Shoppers only eye the first three to five of them before they make a purchase decision. This efficient search increases our satisfaction and we are very likely to make a purchase.

Amazon is the #1 search engine for products

With over 40,000 dealers, Amazon is not only the largest product search engine, but also the most efficient for the user. Search engines use keywords to describe the products, compare them with the user's queries, evaluate the performance and relevance of a product using certain algorithms, and then place the product in the search results. While performance data such as click rate, sales rate and sales volume are included in the calculations, relevance is determined on the basis of keywords, product presentation (e.g. images) and conditions (e.g. shipping method or price). Amazon currently contains more than 160 million products, which is why a maximum optimized use of keywords is indispensable.

In order to be displayed among the first results, Amazon SEO (Amazon Search Engine Optimization) is an absolute must if you want to offer your products via Amazon. Even small improvements of existing keywords can be seen in the search results in a short time and lead to optimized product performance. Amazon's goal is to increase product sales, which is why Amazon SEO can be operated effectively and you yourself have the opportunity to optimize your trade to the maximum.

Will Amazon SEO get me ahead?

Regardless of whether your product sales should continue to increase or not, you should regularly optimize your products with Amazon SEO so that your products are displayed as high as possible in the rankings. Of course, the right keywords are essential to be displayed in the right search results when segmenting, but it's also a recurring process when you're a retailer selling through Amazon. The more likely your product is to be purchased, the more likely it is to be displayed in the top results. This leads to the presumed purchase, to better performance and again to better placement - here the whole thing starts all over again.

It is important to know that a product is not only clicked on because of its image or position in the search results, but also because of its title and further product description. All these factors contribute to the purchase and thus to the success of the product in the Amazon search engine, which is why proper Amazon SEO with a good keyword research should be one of your priorities for you.

How can I automate my keyword research?

Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to completely automate keyword research. In order to determine which keywords are relevant and to automate the process as much as possible, the main keywords should be researched first. Amazon does a lot of the work for its merchants by creating and using manual and automatic PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns. The process is simple: two campaigns are created with the same ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number), one controlled manually and the other automatically. The automatic campaign then collects matching keywords that can be transferred to the manual campaign to optimize it.

What advantages does SEO offer Amazon?

Since Amazon is only interested in selling products, search queries show products that are likely to lead to a purchase (conversion).

While the usual online shops achieve a purchase rate of about 3%, Amazon allows merchants to achieve between 9% and 20%. The difference here depends strongly on how efficiently SEO is operated. These numbers can be reached, which is why a thorough search for efficient Amazon SEO tips is always worthwhile. Amazon SEO does not only optimise conversions - it also makes your own brand better known through users, generic search queries and keywords without brand names. A good ranking in the search results page of Amazon's product search can also help to establish your brand and secure the trust of your customers in the long run.

Are there limits to Amazon SEO?

Amazon SEO is, as explained, a necessary step to promote your own brand and the sale of your products and to make it as efficient as possible. Active keyword optimisation helps you to do this; however, the performance and conditions of the product are further components that cannot be easily influenced, as the customers and the purchase process also play a role here. The pricing is of course also not so easy to optimize if it is about limited product manufacturing or other similar factors. 

The search engine and algorithm of Amazon are not completely known, but with the above tips the chance of achieving visibility of the products in the organic search results can be definitely increased.