Black Friday 2021 - How you can profit as a seller!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are among the biggest, now also global shopping events on Amazon. Sellers and vendors can achieve maximum success for their products on these days.

Last year, companies selling on Amazon generated more than $4.8 billion in sales during the week of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Due to the impact of Covid-19 and the upcoming holidays, there is a greater demand for online retail. Therefore, it is worthwhile for Amazon merchants to prepare early and make the most of these sales events. In this article we’ll address what you as an Amazon seller need to consider when preparing for Black Friday 2021.  


When will Black Friday 2021 take place?

This year's Black Friday will take place on November 26. On Amazon, however, the offers already start before the actual event in the form of early Black Friday deals. Combined with Cyber Monday, Black Friday opens up into a week full of deals.


How can you as a retailer optimally prepare for Black Friday? 

As a retailer, you should start preparing for Black Friday early. All aspects of successful marketing, from promotions to PPC campaigns to restocking inventory, should be considered. Announcing your offers on social media and in a newsletter can also lead to higher sales figures.


1.Optimize Product Listings

Optimizing product listings will help you improve your ranking in search results. You should especially pay attention to the four main elements: product title, product images, bullets and product description. If you want to learn more about product listing optimization, read our blog article. Another essential part of product listing optimization are keywords. Both the keywords you use in your title and the backend keywords are essential for your product's visibility.


2. Promotions 

Promotions provide increased visibility for your brand and products in many forms. 

Black Friday deals should always be carefully considered so that the greatest possible sales can be achieved. Analyzing trends and sales patterns from the past year can help with product selection. Cross selling in the form of strategic product bundling can result in your products being found quickly in the search bar. Offers aimed exclusively at Amazon Prime customers can also lead to an increase in sales.

Tip: Prime membership gives your products higher visibility and discoverability. Prime by seller is also required to use the lightning deals features.  


3. Lightning Deals 

Lightning deals are discount promotions that are usually displayed for a period of four to six hours. Lightning Deals are displayed on the Amazon Deals page and also appear in search results with a reference to the offer. Deals are ranked based on various attributes such as discount, price and product reviews. In addition to high visibility, these deals can also lead to additional products from your brand being discovered and purchased during or after the deal expires.  

                                               Lightning Deal

Lightning deals usually need to be submitted at least three weeks before activation. It should be noted, however, that not all products qualify as lightning deals. Products must meet certain criteria, which may vary by marketplace and category. Factors such as product rating and availability of variants play a decisive role here. However, Amazon is particularly guided by sales potential when selecting products.

Note: It is possible for vendors to have their products displayed as "Deal of the Day" for 24 hours on the Amazon Deals page. This promotion also increases the visibility of your products.                      

Deal of the day


4. Coupons

Coupons, with their eye-catching discount label, allow for increased awareness and thus an increase in potential buyers. Coupons are visible on Amazon's coupon page, but also on search results pages, product detail pages, in the shopping cart, in your brand store, and in your Sponsored Product Ads. 


You should note that a coupon is activated no earlier than two days after it is created. Accordingly, it is necessary to create the coupons early. You can add coupons to your products in Amazon Seller Central.


5. Analysis and optimization of your PPC campaigns

Your PPC campaigns should be reviewed and optimized before Black Friday. In particular, the keywords of your campaigns should be analyzed before the event. 

It is recommended to increase the bids and budget in advance, as you will increase the visibility of your products. 

On Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the spending of all advertisers increases about three times. Therefore, in order to keep up with your competitors and not lose traffic, you should make sure you have a sufficient budget, especially during these two days. 


And after Black Friday?

One option to prevent the shopping frenzy from waning after the event is the Cyber Monday Countdown Deals leading up to Cyber Monday on November 29. Since the two shopping events take place right before the holiday season, the demand for suitable products will remain high afterwards. Therefore, also try to prepare for the Christmas shopping already.


This is how BidX helps you prepare for Black Friday in the best possible way

This is how BidX helps you prepare for Black Friday in the best possible way.

BidX's Boost feature helps you to temporarily push your ads. Activating the feature triggers a percentage increase in bids for keywords and ad groups, as well as an increase in budget. To learn more about the Boost feature, you can watch our Boost tutorial.

BidX's new scheduling feature also allows you to schedule boosts for your products in advance or activate or pause campaigns at specific times.  Especially for events like Black Friday, such a feature is very useful and can help you prepare for it in the best possible way.