Cyber Monday 2021 - Get the most out of it!

Cyber Monday is one of the biggest sales events on Amazon. Last year's Cyber Monday is considered the largest online shopping day in U.S. history, with sales of $10.8 billion.  

The distinction between Black Friday and Cyber Monday is often unclear. Cyber Monday is an event that takes place exclusively in online retail, while Black Friday's origins are in physical store retail on the weekend after Thanksgiving. Now, both Black Friday and Cyber Monday largely take place online. Although the events originated in the United States, they have also been a fixture in Europe for several years. 

Especially due to the effects of the pandemic and the upcoming Christmas season, the demand on Cyber Monday is extremely high. For this reason, as a merchant on Amazon, you should take advantage of the opportunity of this shopping event. How you can best prepare for Cyber Monday, you will learn in this article. 


When will Cyber Monday 2021 take place?

This year, Cyber Monday will take place on November 29. Together with Black Friday 2021, the two events form what is known as Cyber Week.

  • Black Friday: November 26, 2021
  • Cyber Monday: November 29, 2021
  • Cyber Week: November 23 - 30, 2021

How to be successful as a seller on Amazon on Cyber Monday

To make the most of Cyber Monday, you should ensure early preparation of all aspects essential for a successful sale. One factor that is often underestimated is product capacity. Checking and possibly restocking is recommended.


Optimization of product listings

Your product listings should always be appealing to your customers. This is especially crucial for your performance during Cyber Monday. To generate more sales, you should optimize product titles, product images, bullets and keywords. 

Here, you should especially focus on the products with the highest sales opportunities and the products that will be the most popular during the upcoming holiday season.

To learn more about product listings optimization, read our article.



Increase the visibility of your brand and products by promoting them. There are several ways to do this. 

Announcing upcoming offers on your social media channels and in a newsletter will attract attention and consequently increase the number of potential customers. 


Time-limited offers

Limited-time offers include lightning deals and the "Deal of the Day." Lightning Deals are displayed for four to six hours on the Amazon Deals page and with a reference to the offer in search results.

Note: Keep in mind that lightning deals typically need to be submitted to Amazon for review several weeks before they are scheduled to be activated. 

Product rankings are determined based on various elements such as price and product reviews. The "Deal of the Day" is displayed on the Amazon Deals page for 24 hours, unlike a Lightning Deal - but this promotion is only available to Vendors. 



Coupons are a great way to attract a lot of attention from shoppers. In Amazon Seller Central, you can add coupons to your products. However, you should take into account that a coupon is activated no earlier than two days after it is created.



Special deals

Special deals usually attract the interest of potential buyers. With deals that are exclusively valid for Amazon Prime customers, you can achieve a higher ranking on product pages. 

Promotional codes for your social networks are just as much a way to increase your brand's visibility and boost your sales. Codes take effect about four hours after they are created in Amazon Seller Central and can remain activated for up to 30 days. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that these deals do not appear on Amazon's listing and product detail pages. 


Sponsored Brands

You have the option to link Sponsored Brand ads to a landing page, your Brand Store or a custom Amazon URL. Linking to your Brand Store with Sponsored Brands can encourage shoppers to buy multiple products at once. Sponsored Brands are also recommended in conjunction with Sponsored Products to increase impressions by up to 30%. 


Adjust budget and bids

Especially during Cyber Monday, investing in higher advertising spend is worthwhile in order not to get lost in the competition and to remain visible. Advertisers increase their ad spend by almost three times during Cyber Week. To keep up, you should adjust your budget and bids accordingly on this day.

The keywords of your campaigns are also particularly important for online commerce during the shopping event. Therefore, you should definitely analyze and adjust them. You can find out exactly how to optimize your PPC campaigns in our PPC Guide.


What happens after Cyber Monday?

The day after Cyber Monday, many shoppers need a break. Accordingly, there is a high cost per click, low conversion rates and a higher ACoS. Due to this decrease in sales, you should make sure to proportionally decrease your ad spend again after Cyber Monday. 

However, since Cyber Monday is right before the holidays, you should already think about your Christmas business and prepare for it.


How does BidX help you prepare for Cyber Monday?

BidX's Boost feature gives you a crucial competitive edge during shopping events like Cyber Monday. A Boost causes a temporary push of your ads. Your bids will be increased by a certain percentage for a certain period of time and thus provide more visibility for your products. For more information, we recommend our Boost Tutorial. You can also schedule your boosts in advance using the new scheduling feature