7 Ways How ChatGPT Supports Your Amazon Marketing Workflows

AI tools like OpenAI or ChatGPT are becoming more and more relevant. ChatGPT is a chatbot that can generate realistic, human-like texts and answer questions within seconds. But how is such an AI tool relevant for advertisers?

ChatGPT can be used in a variety of ways to support Amazon advertisements. To give you an overview of how you can use ChatGPT for your marketing on Amazon, we will discuss 7 different possibilities below.


1. Keyword Research

With the help of ChatGPT, you can create a list of relevant keywords for your Amazon advertising campaigns. The tool can identify the most popular keywords that customers use to find products that are similar to yours. You can then include these in your listing and targeting.

For example, you can ask ChatGPT to find 10 keywords for an Amazon campaign that relate to the product "your product name". It makes sense to get more specific with the requirements in response. To get more results, and more importantly, more relevant results, you can ask the AI to perform the keywords research in more detail or expand the parameters.


2. Create listing

ChatGPT can generate new product listings optimized for Amazon's search algorithm based on a dataset of existing product descriptions.


2.1 Product description

With the tool, you have the possibility to generate precise product descriptions.. Using a dataset of existing product descriptions, the AI can be conveyed a sense of style, tone, and format. When you enter the product's features, benefits, and key selling points, ChatGPT creates a description that effectively reflects the product. With a compelling item description, you can increase the visibility of your products on Amazon.


However, you should note that the performance of the AI depends on the existing training data set and the texts should be post-processed accordingly. When post-processing, you should also make sure that the generated text complies with Amazon's guidelines. You can also ask the AI to rewrite the text and make it more factual or funnier, for example.


2.2 Bullet Points

From the item description, ChatGPT can generate bullet points that describe the product's features, benefits and key buying criteria. You can then use these bullet points for your product listing.


2.3 Title suggestions

ChatGPT can create product titles for you that accurately describe your product and are suitable for Amazon's algorithm. It is important that you include various information, such as features and benefits of the product, so that the title is meaningful.


It's also interesting to note that you can have the AI create titles for different ad types, such as Sponsored Brand Ads. You should make sure that you pass on Amazon's requirements regarding these titles to the AI. This includes, for example, that the title has less than 50 characters.


3. Broad Match Modifier Keywords

Broad Match Modifier Keywords are keywords with a plus sign in front of each word. This indicates that the word must be included in the search query. This way, search queries can be captured where the keywords can appear in any order. Likewise, search queries that contain additional words are also captured. With ChatGPT, you have the option of having regular keywords converted to Broad Match Modifier keywords automatically, which saves you a tremendous amount of manual effort. This can be especially helpful if your product is very niche and you want to waste as little money as possible with heavy spreading.



4. Creation of Ad Texts

The AI tool can help you create compelling texts for your ads. Using data from product descriptions and customer reviews, ChatGPT can adapt the texts to your target audience. Likewise, the AI can make sure that the texts are optimized for Amazon's search algorithm.


5. Customer service

You have the possibility to integrate ChatGPT into an automated customer service system. This way you can ensure fast and detailed responses and improve customer satisfaction in the long run.

ChatGPT can be trained on a dataset of frequently asked questions and their corresponding answers. Similarly, the AI can use information from customer profiles and previous interactions, if any, to provide personalized answers. Another advantage is that customer questions and also answers can be translated in seconds. Unlike customer service representatives, the tool can handle multiple customer inquiries at the same time, which leads to an increase in efficiency.

Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that such a tool should only support customer service employees and not completely replace them in order to be able to ensure human interaction and especially empathy in customer contact.


6. Market analysis

AI can analyze large amounts of data from various sources. These include, for example, customer reviews, competitor product and sales data, and industry trends. This analysis can help you understand the market and customer preferences and optimize your advertising strategy accordingly.


You can, of course, ask ChatGPT to elaborate on each point if you need more information.


7. A/B testing

With the help of ChatGPT, you can create multiple ad contents and target groups for the same product. You can then test and compare the effectiveness of the different content through a performance analysis. This way, you can optimize your ad copy and increase the ROI of your campaigns.

You can also use this process to automatically generate different product descriptions, titles and images and then compare their performance. An optimized and well-performing product listing can also lead to a higher conversion rate and an increase in sales.


The bottom line

ChatGPT is without a doubt a powerful tool. Even if the tool can't completely replace human expertise in some aspects, the AI can definitely support you in your Amazon marketing and save you a lot of time. 

ChatGPT can also support you with the creation of ads, for example through keyword research. Nevertheless, there are also aspects where AI reaches its limits, such as bid optimization and keyword adjustments. For these complex operations, you still need a PPC management tool like BidX that continuously monitors and optimizes your ads.


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