Orange Klik Seller Barcamp in Lisbon

At a Barcamp, the content is developed by the attendees themselves. So in the course of the day, you will learn about exactly those topics that really interest you in various breakout rooms.  


All facts at a glance

What you can expect:

On June 9th you will get a chance to network and exchange ideas with other sellers and Amazon experts the whole day.
On June 10th, the actual Barcamp will start, where the most exciting topics in the Amazon universe will be discussed.  

June 9 - 10, 2022

Coletivo 284
72 A Rua das Amoreiras
1250-096 Lisbon

Target audience:
  • Amazon FBA private label sellers
  • Amazon service providers and agencies

Between 249€ and 649€
Save 50€ with our promo code "BIDX50".

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