The great BidX retrospective of the year 2022

The year 2022 is slowly coming to an end. This year, the team behind BidX has continued to grow, overcome obstacles, and become even closer together. Our team now consists of 45 people working from more than 5 different countries. Let's take a look back at the biggest milestones of the year. 


Expansion to the USA

This year, we took a big step - to the USA! Our founders Max Hofmann and Nadine Schöpper spent 4 months in the United States to make BidX even more popular there. They visited fairs, made new contacts and collected many exciting impressions. 

If you want to know more about our USA expansion, feel free to check out Digital Journal's article about us.



Events and fairs 

This year, we were represented at over 10 fairs - including 4 in the USA. Among others, we were at the Prosper Show in Las Vegas, the ASGTG in New York, the OMR in Hamburg and the MultichannelDay in Cologne. 

We're thrilled that it's possible to exchange ideas live on site again and we were also very happy to meet many of you in person!

If you want to learn more about the events we attended this year, feel free to check out our Blog.

Our summer event 

Of course, we are especially proud of our own event - the BidX Summer Event. At our event, sellers and agencies were able to discuss the latest possibilities of Amazon Advertising with our experts and also got exciting insights into new features in the BidX tool. 

The shared exchange, the exciting workshops and the delicious BBQ made the day a great experience for everyone. If you missed the BidX Summer Event this year - no problem! Next year there will be another event from us. 



Our BidX Team Events 

Besides work, of course, fun should not be neglected. That's why we have regular team events, where we can get to know each other even better. 

Whether it's a speedback with tasting or a Halloween party - it never gets boring at BidX! This year we were especially happy about our big company party to celebrate BidX's 4th anniversary. 

Impressions from our Team Events 2022:




BidX Strategy Off-Site in Marseille

This year we did a "Strategy Off-Site" for the first time at BidX. The destination? Marseille! We had a great time in a villa with a pool and a ping-pong table. 

We discussed BidX strategies and worked intensely on our projects, but in the evenings of course there was time to watch movies and party together.



What new features were released in 2022?

This year, we of course continued to work on our tool to provide you with the best possible functionality. 

An overview: 

A feature that many customers have been asking for is the so-called "cross-ad type keyword management". With cross-ad type keyword management, you can include not only Sponsored Product Ad campaigns in our keyword management, but also Sponsored Brand and Sponsored Display Ad campaigns. Keywords can also be transferred between campaigns with different ad types. 

There was also an update for Sponsored Display and Sponsored Brand Ads. In Discover, it is now possible to export the performance data and also to use the Boost function for SDAs and SBs. 

In addition, as of this year, you can easily create new rows in Product Management via Multi-Select. You can also enable or disable the Auto Select function, individually per Match Type or via Multi-Select for several.

We have also simplified user management for agencies. As a result, adding, editing and deleting new customer accounts is much more efficient. It is also possible to assign different rights depending on the respective role, such as administrator, account manager or user. 

Vendors can now also see the organic data on Total ACoS, Total Sales, Total Orders and Total RoAS in the dashboard.

What you can expect in 2023 

First of all, we want to thank everyone who supports us to keep BidX growing. Especially to all BidXians who put their heart and soul into the work at BidX and to our customers who make it possible and motivate us to do our best to keep improving the tool. 

Of course, we have exciting updates planned for you in 2023 as well: 

Share of Voice 

The planned update to Share of Voice & Share of Self is particularly exciting. It is intended to provide an overview of the visibility on the search results pages.  

Dashboard Updates

The dashboard will be enhanced next year with several options for data preparation and data analysis. New charts and KPIs will be made available to give you more perspectives on your data. The display options will also be further developed.

Update for vendors 

For vendors, Total ACoS Automation is going to be introduced next year, which is supposed to work analogously to Total ACoS Automation for sellers. 

If you want to know more, feel free to write to us in the chat on our website or by mail to


Thank you for a fantastic year and hopefully many more to come!