Effective warehouse and campaign management with VentoryOne & BidX

In this blog article, we would like to introduce you to the exciting partnership between BidX and VentoryOne. This groundbreaking cooperation promises not only optimized warehouse management, but also a revolution in campaign management.


What is VentoryOne?

VentoryOne is a tool for automated inventory management and also predicts your stock levels so that you do not run out of stock. The integration of VentoryOne into BidX enables campaign management based on stock levels. This means that campaigns can be boosted or paused based on current stock levels and the stock forecast.

Possible Use Cases

To give you a better idea of how you can use VentoryOne, we would like to present two use cases.


1. Use Case

VentoryOne knows that the current stock is only sufficient for the next 3 days and that no additional deliveries are planned in the foreseeable future. This knowledge enables you to adapt your advertising measures accordingly. As the existing stock can be sold organically, this opens up the possibility of temporarily reducing or even eliminating current advertisements. This strategic decision not only means optimal use of your advertising budget, but also potentially higher profit margins due to savings in advertising expenditure.

Concrete Use in BidX: 
You can view your current stock level or the stock forecast (in how many days the stock will be gone) directly in BidX. Based on this, your campaigns can be adjusted automatically. 

For example, if the current stock level is less than the quantity x, campaigns can be automatically paused or negatively boosted. When stock is available again, the campaigns can be reactivated. 

The same is also possible for the expected stock level.  
If the expected stock level is less than 3 days, campaigns can also be paused or negatively boosted.


2. Use Case

For example, if you source your goods from China, you can manage repeat orders via VentoryOne. Let's assume you have 100 products in stock today. Thanks to VentoryOne, you know that repeat orders will arrive at Amazon in 2 days. So you don't run the risk of running out of stock because new goods are already on their way.


Advantages at a Glance 

1. Never get out of stock again

By forecasting your stock levels, you will never again be out of stock and lose potential sales.


2. All warehouses can be read out 

VentoryOne reads the stock levels at Amazon, your logistics provider or in your own warehouse.


3. Manage records

You can manage reorders directly via VentoryOne. This means you never miss the perfect time to reorder or fill up your Amazon warehouse too late.


4. Optimal campaign management 

The stock preview allows you to optimally boost or pause your campaigns and thus save money.



Linking BidX and VentoryOne is simple and can be done directly on both Platforms. You can find step-by-step instructions in our knowledge base article. If you have any questions about the collaboration, please contact us via the chat on our website or via hello@bidx.io