What is the Amazon Marketing Cloud and why should you use it?

Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) is a reporting and analytics solution based on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform.

It is a privacy-safe, secure and dedicated cloud where analysis can be performed on multiple pseudonymized data sets to provide aggregated reports. An API is provided, and the data can then be integrated into the company's own database. The Amazon Marketing Cloud helps advertisers to understand even better how their marketing measures affect the individual channels (search, ads, video, audio). 

The Cloud consists of a web-based user interface that can be used to run ad-hoc SQL queries. Amazon Advertising campaign events such as impressions, clicks, and conversions can be requested. With the help of this information, advertisers can make solid decisions for their marketing channels. 


For what can the Amazon Marketing Cloud be used?

AMC reports can be used for a variety of reasons - these include : 

1. Understand your target group better 

Amazon Marketing Cloud helps you understand at which stage of the marketing funnel customers saw your ads. This allows you to determine whether your ad reaches customers at the beginning of the funnel (awareness) or just before they decide to buy (purchase intent). From this, you can draw valuable conclusions for creating future ads. 

2. Development of attribution models 

AMC also allows advertisers to build new attribution models that can help identify which advertising efforts or investments are most effective in relation to pre-defined goals. For example, you can develop an AMC model that shows how each element of your Amazon Advertising investment impacts the conversions on your company's website. You can also use the Marketing Cloud to see how over-the-top advertising, such as video ads, affects customer engagement. 

3. Use new reporting options 

You may already be using Amazon Attribution to measure the impact of your non-Amazon marketing activities on Amazon. The advantage of AMC over Amazon Attribution is the added flexibility in data retrieval that allows you to understand the sequencing of touchpoints. This gives you a more comprehensive view of how your target audience became aware of you and how the purchase decision was ultimately made. 

Why you should use the Amazon Marketing Cloud

The main advantage of the Marketing Cloud is the quality of the reports and the comprehensive and detailed data provided. The more you know about how exactly your customers become aware of you, the better you can plan your marketing activities and pick up customers at exactly these touchpoints. This way, you can stay one step ahead of your competition and know how to address your target audience most effectively. 



How does the Amazon Marketing Cloud work?

Amazon Marketing Cloud works with instances. These instances contain data from only one advertiser at a time. In Amazon DSP, an advertiser can be represented by one or more "Advertiser IDs" or "Entity IDs" within the Advertising Console for Sponsored Ads. Some advertisers have multiple IDs to represent different business units, brands, or affiliates. However, as long as these IDs are all associated with the same company that advertises on Amazon, this data can be packaged into the same AMC instance.

On the day an instance is created, it is populated with the past 28 days of advertising data. You can only query those 28 days that are available in the instance on the day it is created. From then on, the advertising data will be stored in your instance for up to 12.5 months. This means that one year after you have created your instance, you can always see the latest 12.5 months of data in it.

However, you cannot create the instances yourself - the AMC team is responsible for that. The typical processing time for creating an instance is 3-5 business days. To have instances created, you must request them. You are welcome to do this directly via us or your AMC contact (usually an AdTech Account Executive). 


Data points and queries

Data points that can be accessed include:

  • Conversions by segment with Impressions
  • Impressions frequency 
  • Impressions by hour
  • New to brand 
  • Path to Conversion device detailed

You can use different queries to get data from the AMC. For example, you could use this query to view the exact time when an impression occurred.

Example Query


Functioning requests are marked with the status "in progress".

Query in progress


If the query could be executed successfully, it receives the status "Completed" and can be downloaded via link.

Query completed


If your request cannot be executed, you will receive an error message, which you can see by hovering over the warning icon. The reason for an error may be, for example, the selected time window - it may not exceed 3 months.   

Query failed

How safe is the Amazon Marketing Cloud? 

Advertisers cannot access event-level data directly from Amazon Advertising. Amazon Marketing Cloud only performs aggregated analysis to protect the privacy of the consumer. Marketers can never access individual user data in the Amazon Cloud.

So the privacy standards are very high and protect customers from having AMC users export data to an extent that would violate their privacy.

In addition, all aggregation must have at least 100 users. On the one hand, this ensures that the reports are meaningful for advertisers, and on the other hand, the privacy of shopers is additionally protected. 

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