Amazon Seller Central - Start your successful E-Commerce

Online merchants today have countless opportunities to offer their products and sell them to the right target group. But not every platform is suitable for all types of products! Often you take the wrong turn and place your products on unfitting platforms with disinterested buyers or pay far too much money for ineffective online marketing. To avoid this problem the market leader Amazon offers a simple and fast solution: The Amazon Seller Central.
So if you decide to sell your products through Amazon Seller Central, you can forget the questions about which channels you should offer your products through and which losses you will probably make through marketing.

What is the Amazon Seller Central?

The Amazon Seller Central is an internal Amazon platform for online merchants. Amazon not only sells its own products, but also offers a worldwide marketplace for third-party suppliers and their products. And the best part is: The registration is quick and easy!
So if you have an online business or you want to start one, have a look on Amazon. After logging in, you create your own offers, the so-called product listings, and then you can leave them to the Seller Central's magic to get bought by millions of interested customers - if you do it right.
Besides a variable fee in case of a sale, there is a basic fee of 39 EUR for professional sales accounts. So either you pay per sale or you subscribe to a monthly fee that doesn't cost the world.

Join the party in just a few steps!

Thanks to the giant Amazon and its reach, you can decide whether you want to sell your products domestically or make an Europe-wide project out of your company. Does that sound too easy? It's as simple as that.
The platform not only lists your products according to the market's language you want to sell at, the tools also localize the names. This means that your products are offered in other countries in a suitable way, because Amazon regulates the distribution in the European markets in the respective language. So you can release your products for the big stage and let your company grow almost effortlessly.
Besides the easy handling and the different possibilities for your company, which you have by using Amazon Seller Central, of course one of the biggest advantages for you is the reach and the degree of popularity of Amazon - and of course the corresponding possibilities for efficient marketing!

Promoting your products on the Amazon Seller Central

Online marketing is a young phenomenon that even the toughest marketing experts don't fully understand yet, especially because it changes every day. Trends emerge and disappear within the shortest time and often small retailers don't know how to best promote their products. Therefore it makes a lot of sense to use one of the simplest and at the same time most efficient of all possibilities and to advertise directly via Amazon.
Because what would be more logical than to show your company's products on a page where customers who are already willing to buy and interested are looking for similar or identical products? This is easy with the advertising format of Amazon's sponsored products, which you can place via Seller Central. Tools such as BidX support you in keyword research, campaign creation and campaign optimization.

Running PPC-Campaigns on Amazon - does that work?

Pay-Per-Click campaigns to promote your product work successfully on Amazon! The click and purchase rates of sponsored products are significantly higher than those of conventional search engine advertising, which can be traced as explained above. The best thing about it is that you don't spend money on marketing where you don't know if it really works, but that your advertising is billed by click (Pay-Per-Click). This means that Amazon only charges for the actual clicks your product receives. And that couldn't be fairer - so you always know how much your advertising really cost and how many people really bought your products.
Amazon Seller Central is not only a simple platform for sellers, but also a marketing tool with high savings potential - you only pay for clicks that generate your ads. This helps you plan your expenses and revenues better.

The Amazon Seller Central - Success To Go

Amazon Seller Central is designed for all large and small retailers who want to sell their products quickly and conveniently on the Internet. After the free registration you can directly start selling your products and even easily manage your sales via iPhone or Smartphone App (iOS and Android). So you always have your data quickly and conveniently at hand.
If your sales are running, the platform also supports you with essential decisions or even processes. You can use its tools if you want and benefit from Amazon's experience. This even includes shipping and storage of your products - Amazon makes your work as easy as possible with FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon). And to ensure that payments run smoothly and that your customers are as satisfied as possible with you and your products, Amazon additionally also takes care of the payment processes, reverse transactions and returns. So you can sit back, relax and feel that your company is in safe hands. All you need is internet access and your products, the rest you can decide to run through Amazon. Numerous statistics and tools offer you up-to-date overviews of your sales and also of the popularity of your products, so you can work on them and your company. You can find more information and reviews of current users on the topic in the Terms and Conditions of Amazon and on various websites.

Quick link to Amazon's Terms and Conditions

The Amazon Seller Central Terms and Conditions, as well as many helpful tips and useful information can be found at the bottom of the Amazon Seller Central main page. There you can open the corresponding link and view the current Terms of Use for Amazon Services Europe. It is important to look at these terms and conditions and make sure that you comply with Amazon's requirements. So you can start using the platform with a clear conscience.