How to use external traffic strategically!

External traffic is triggered by external advertising that directs potential customers from various online sources to your Amazon product page. There are many ways to lead customers to an Amazon product. 

Why external traffic is a great competitive advantage and how to enable it, you will learn in this article.


How do you benefit from this?

Amazon's ranking system only lists articles with high relevance and excellent performance high up. Ideal performance is determined by the right choice of keywords, high click, conversion and sales rates, and good customer reviews. 

Advertising on external channels attracts customers outside of Amazon.

Purchases initiated from external sources have a large and positive impact on your ranking in Amazon search results.


When does the strategic use of external traffic make sense?

External traffic is always helpful for the performance and visibility of your product - both in the short term and in the long term. However, external traffic is particularly worthwhile for these purposes:


Product Launch  

Newly launched products are usually not listed among the first search results on Amazon. Without sales, it can not be assumed that they will rise in the ranking. For this reason, it is particularly important to place product advertisements on external channels. This increases the awareness of your product, your brand and thus the number of sales in the long term.


Competitive advantages

It is often difficult to stand out from the crowd with a product, especially during sales peaks such as the Christmas season or sales events such as Prime Day or Black Friday. In order to fade out the competition and rank higher, external traffic and the influence it brings on the ranking can be crucial here as well.


Improvement of the organic ranking

Strategic use of external traffic is also useful in the long run. Traffic gives you the opportunity to expand your customer base to permanently increase your sales and marketing potential. Customers usually only become aware of products that are displayed high up in search results. External traffic helps you improve your organic ranking and attract customers' attention.


What channels can you use to drive external traffic to your product?

There are several options to generate external traffic. To be successful, you should always make sure that you are targeting the right audience.



Facebook has great potential if you want to reach specific target groups. There are several ways to interact with customers. For one, there is the option to promote your product in Facebook groups. 

It makes sense to choose groups that focus on specific hobbies or interests that match your product. In such groups, you should make sure that your advertising is appropriate and, if necessary, discussed with the admin, so that there is nothing to prevent the success of your advertising. In such or also Amazon Deal groups you can post links to your product or also coupons. This can help you increase sales, especially in the short term.  

Paid ads on Facebook and a possible follow up in Facebook Messenger are also an effective option to generate external traffic. When running ads, you have the option of linking your product page or sending customers into a Facebook Messenger conversation. To increase the sales opportunity, offering a discount code is also an option here.

                                              Facebook Ad


Google Adwords

Using targeted advertising in the form of Google Adwords ads leads to high visibility. The competition for this type of advertising is very high and accordingly expensive. To be able to place ads on Google even with a low budget and save costs, you should limit your keywords and target group as much as possible. This causes the ads to be played out appropriately for the search term on the Google results list, which can lead to a high click-through rate.


Influencer Marketing

In influencer marketing, the existing reach of influencers on various platforms can be used to address your target group directly. Influencers usually promote products on their channels in exchange for money. They typically introduce the product and then direct their followers to the product page via a link. To ensure the success of such a collaboration, you should make sure when choosing an influencer that he or she appeals to your target group and can identify with your product or brand.


Youtube and Blogging

Since Google and Youtube are among the biggest search engines, they are excellent for content marketing. You can make a video about your product, which is especially useful if the use of your product is not clear to everyone. In addition, you can of course go into more detail about the benefits of your product and link to it on Amazon.


Social Media and Newsletters

Social networks are also suitable for content marketing. Through a strong brand presence and information about your products, you spark the interest of customers and increase your visibility. It's a good idea to share discount codes on your social networks and send out a newsletter to drive external traffic to your site. 


External product landing page

When generating external traffic, it can be useful to use an external landing page that links to your Amazon product page. You can link to the external landing page instead of your Amazon product page for ads on social networks or other online sources outside of Amazon. This increases the likelihood that your customers won't use the link to Amazon until they are sure about buying your product or have a high interest in buying. An external product landing page thus causes a higher conversion rate and consequently a better ranking in Amazon search results.


This is how BidX helps you!

Although external traffic has a positive impact on the performance of your product, you should not lose sight of paid advertising on Amazon. Besides a good organic ranking, paid ads and PPC campaigns on Amazon will help you to make your product more visible. 

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