Review - Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2021

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the biggest shopping events on Amazon, representing a great opportunity for advertisers. But how successful were the events this year? 

To measure the success of this year's Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we used the Amazon Market Index AMX500 to analyze the development of key performance indicators for advertising. 

The overall performance of the AMX500 on Black Friday and Cyber Monday is very interesting.

It can be seen that the index is already rising before Black Friday. On Black Friday itself, a strong peak can be seen in the AMX500. After Black Friday, the index drops sharply again, and then rises again slightly on Cyber Monday. After both events, the values fall back to their approximate origin before Black Friday. 



Development of advertising key figures in detail

We have summarized the most important findings from the AMX500 for you. These are the KPIs of the ads on Black Friday.

  • Impressions increased by 24.8% and clicks by 21.5% on Black Friday.
  • The click-through rate decreased slightly by 2.6%, but the conversion rate increased by 17.9%. This suggests that people who clicked on your ad were very likely to buy your product.
  • The costs incurred for ads on Black Friday were 35.4% higher, which is mainly due to higher budgets and click prices. The average click price (CPC) was 11.4% higher than the previous day.
  • However, the higher costs are compensated by more orders and a significant increase in revenue. The number of orders increased by 43.3%, and sales by a full 68%. The ACoS has dropped by 19.4%, which once again illustrates that the sales are more than compensating for the increased costs.

Even if the KPIs are not as impressive as this year's Prime Day, it is still worthwhile for you as an advertiser to prepare for Black Friday and take advantage of this shopping event. 

Black Friday for DSP clients

In addition to PPC ads, we also took a look at DSP ads to evaluate the impact of Black Friday for DSP clients.



Straight off the bat, we can see that key metrics like sales and orders have barely changed on Cyber Monday. On Black Friday, however, some interesting changes can be seen: 

  • The revenue from DSP ads was 59.7% higher on Black Friday.
  • This can be explained by the 62.3% increase in orders. 
  • RoAS increased by 50.3%. Thus, DSP advertising also provided higher profitability on Black Friday.

Learnings and recommendations for the Christmas business

  • Allocate enough time before Black Friday to optimize your product listings, adjust bids and create offers for your products. You should also increase the visibility of your products before Cyber Week, as many people already search for products during this time, which they then buy directly on Black Friday. 
  • Increase your daily budgets and bids. The costs incurred on Black Friday are higher, but you will also receive more orders and higher sales - thus it is definitely worth it.
  • Keep an eye on your advertising metrics after Black Friday. Sales on Cyber Monday are much lower than on Black Friday, which is why you should be careful not to spend too much money on this day that will ultimately not lead to sales. 
  • In general, it can be said that the desire to buy immediately after big shopping events is usually lower than on average. However, since Christmas shopping starts right after Cyber Week, this doesn't necessarily apply here. Especially if you sell products that are suitable as gifts, you should push your ads further. 

Tip: With our scheduling feature you can optimally prepare for sales events like Black Friday. You have the possibility to schedule boosts for your campaigns in advance so you will never forget to increase your visibility in time. 

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