Push your products with Amazon Advertising!

It's no secret that Amazon's user-friendliness and service orientation have made the online retail giant the world's most popular marketplace for online commerce. Millions of users around the world access the home page every day to purchase gifts, household appliances or clothing. But if the selection is so large and the merchants so easy to compare - how can you prove yourself as a merchant on Amazon?

For this purpose, Amazon has created the Advertising Console (formerly Amazon Marketing Services), which we would like to introduce to you in more detail here - because with the right tricks, this form of marketing works wonders. But it's also obvious, because the marketplace, which is already bustling with users who are willing or interested to buy anyway, can make the most of its reach and also benefits from a veritable treasure trove of user behavior, buying patterns and other marketing-relevant data. These can be measured excellently with Amazon Marketing.


Which advertising formats are available on Amazon?

There are suitable advertising formats for every product and merchant. We have created an overview for those, so that you know in which direction your marketing can go.

In 2018, Amazon bundled all services under the name Amazon Advertising. In the Amazon Advertising Console, you can book your desired formats in the form of auctions - currently even relatively cheap. The advertising is placed on terms or combinations of terms, the so-called keywords. You can choose between three different advertising formats:

With Sponsored Brands your ads will be displayed above the Amazon search bar, with Sponsored Products (SPA) your products will be played out in the search results or on product detail pages, while Sponsored Display Ads (SDA) will be played out exclusively on product detail pages. 


Would you like a little more?

For larger players, Amazon Advertising offers more than just advertising: Through cooperations with Amazon, Echo or Kindle, it also enables branding and image building. This service was previously offered under the name AMG (Amazon Media Group).  So if you're already the boss of an entire floor, and you want to take your brand beyond the borders, this is the step for you. If you don't want to go that far, but you have a monthly media budget in the five-digit range and you want to invest it wisely, Amazon Advertising with formerly known Amazon-Advertising-Platform (AAP) is the right way. Here you can book campaigns via Amazon.de or Kindle - and with almost no effort. Because Amazon's knowledge of its customers and the sheer endless reach not only ensure the perfect targeting: The campaign creates itself, you do not even have to generate content.


What is the benefit of Amazon Advertising?

To find the right advertising format for you, you should decide what the goal of your advertising is at the beginning.

Sponsored Brands are basically meant for the visibility of your brand and less of the products. You can display an image, tagline and, if needed, three of your products and, when the user clicks on the main image, redirect them to a separate landing page or your Amazon Brand Store. One advantage of this is that it allows you to claim prominent keywords and associate your brand with them. However, the disadvantage is that these relevant keywords are often more expensive and less relevant keywords do not bring any clicks.

You can also display the Sponsored Display Ads with your logo and ad text ,which then have to be checked and approved by an Amazon employee for the time being. However, by placing your ads on the product detail pages of other products, you can generate clicks more easily while creating visibility for your brand.

Another advantage is that Amazon can display your ads to users based on their search data or purchase history. 


What is the best way to get started with Amazon Advertising?

The simplest and most common advertising format is Sponsored Products (SPA). Here, your booked products are displayed in the search results list according to relevance or performance. For this, you have to place bids for the respective keywords and based on these (plus relevance and performance) your products will be ranked in the ad.

These PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns are available to merchants through the Amazon Advertising Console. Another advantage of this type of campaign is that it can be optimized by intelligently filtering out irrelevant keywords and improving the performance of your products. Tools such as BidX can take a lot of the work out of this.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of Amazon Advertising?

Amazon Advertising offers a number of advantages, which are mainly to make your brand stand out among all the other brands and products on Amazon. This is because finding your products in the organic search results is very difficult - especially for small retailers and brands. When you avail Amazon Advertising, you have various options to use advertising formats to achieve individual goals.

Accordingly, there are relatively few drawbacks to using Amazon Advertising. Of course, for merchants who make small margins selling their products, booking a relevant and popular keyword is not worth it if the margin is used up by the click price and no sales are made as a result. And if the products to be advertised do not show any particular performance, the ads will not develop their full effect (since, as mentioned above, the relevance and performance of a product play a role in advertising), which in turn means pointlessly spent advertising budget. Therefore, at the beginning, check the relevance of the ad and your products to be advertised for these criteria.