Prime Day 2022: Summary for advertisers

Amazon itself calls this year's Prime Day the biggest Prime Day ever. Prime members purchased more than 300 million items worldwide during Prime Day, saving about $1.7 billion - more than any previous Prime Day.

We also want to measure and evaluate the success of this year's Prime Day, which took place on July 12 and 13. In order to be able to make well-founded statements about the most important advertising key figures, we analyzed their development in the Amazon Market Index AMX500.


At first glance, there is a clear peak on the first day of Prime Day. We will analyze how this peak is caused in the following. 

Development of advertising key figures

We have summarized the most important KPIs from the AMX500 for you. The values on Prime Day (July 12 + 13) were compared with the values two days before Prime Day. 

  • There was an increase of 63.9% in impressions and 47.9% in paid clicks
  • The click-through rate fell by 9.8%, but the conversion rate rose by 26.8%. 
  • On average, advertising costs increased by 94.7%, mainly due to higher budgets and click prices (up 31.7%). 
  • The higher spend was rewarded with more orders and significantly higher sales. Paid orders increased by 87.5%, and paid sales by 146.8%. The average basket value also increased by 31.7%. 
  • The fact that the higher spending is nevertheless worthwhile is also reflected in the ACoS, which fell by 21.2%.

How was Prime Day for DSP customers?

In addition to the performance of PPC campaigns, we also took a look at our clients' DSP campaigns. 

DSP Prime Day

There has also been a significant increase in sales and RoAS for the DSP campaigns. The other KPIs have made equally interesting developments, which we have summarized for you here:

  • Impressions increased by 34.1%. 
  • Sales were 325.5% higher on Prime Day, which can be explained by the increase in orders (240.6% higher).
  • Costs were up 128.8%. 
  • RoAS was 86% higher, which illustrates that the higher spend was worth it also for DSP campaigns. 

Learnings and recommendations for future sales events 

  • It definitely pays off to increase your budgets and bids: Even though costs are significantly higher on Prime Day due to increased click prices, it still definitely pays off to increase bids. The growth in sales compensates for the rising costs many times over. We have also observed this on past Prime Days. 

  • Start preparing for Prime Day as early as possible: To be optimally prepared for Prime Day, it is not enough to make the necessary adjustments 1-2 days before. Especially if you want to create coupons or offers for your products, you need to start creating them at least one month before the actual Prime Day.  

  • Among the best-selling categories this year were Amazon Devices, Consumer Electronics and Home (items). These categories were already among the most popular during past sales events. Therefore, if you sell products from any of these categories, you should invest additional time before and during Prime Day to push your products. This year, Amazon also revealed that most of the purchases happened on the first day of Prime Day between 9 and 10 am. 

Tip: Use our Scheduling feature for sales events. With the Scheduling feature, you can easily schedule your campaigns based on the days of the week and time of day or seasonally. This way you can always prepare in time for sales events like Prime Day and push your products in time. 

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